Our Driving Instructors

Below you will find a short bio for each of our driving instructors to help you choose when booking. PLEASE NOTE, ONLY PAUL, JO, DAVID, SANDRA & STEVE S CAN TAKE UNDER 14’S AT PRESENT. See our Terms & Conditions for more details so that you get the right instructor. If you require any further details do not hesitate to contact us.

Paul Nippress
Paul Nippress Independent
Qualified: May 2006.
Driving School: Independent
Car: Ford Focus EcoBoost titanium.

The enjoyable part of this profession is watching pupils develop from nervous newbies to competent drivers, as every pupil does it differently. And I’ve enjoyed seeing pupils with ADHD, Tourettes, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and a few other conditions go on to be full licence holders.

SYD is important, as educating youngsters before they get to 17, will make them a lot safer and confident when they finally get out onto the road.

Jo Silvester
Jo Silvester The Driving Academy
Qualified: April 2009.
Driving School: The Driving Academy
Car: Hyundai i30

The best thing about being a driving instructor is when pupils achieve something they didn’t think they could do, whether that’s a tricky hill start or passing the test. The satisfied smile they have is amazing, and makes the effort so worthwhile.

SYD brings road safety to life for the young drivers – real situations in a real car. It can make a difference to both the young driver, and those around them, creating a safer road now and in the future.

Qualified: October 2012
Driving School: Driving Force School of Motoring
Car: Nissan Micra

The best moment I’ve had was my first clean sheet, and the reaction of the pupil who achieved it. Teaching youngsters a skill that they will use for the rest of their lives is important, and provides a lot of satisfaction.

SYD ensures that young drivers get a head start in their road career, which should enable them to be better and safer drivers when they start and for every time they get behind a wheel in the future.

David Crawford
David Crawford The Driving Academy
Qualified: March 2009
Driving School: The Driving Academy
Car: Ford Fiesta EcoBoost

Watching my son Oliver negotiate the SYD course with a good level of control is one of my favourite moments. I enjoy teaching people, and watching them improve as they drive and achieve their goals.

With SYD I have a chance to influence young people in a positive way, creating a good attitude towards road safety. It makes a difference.

Sandra Richens
Sandra Richens Ignition Driving School
Qualified: September 2009
Driving School: Ignition Driving School
Car: Suzuki Alto

I thoroughly enjoy working with pupils, through the times they struggle right up to when they can do it for themselves without assistance. And when they pass their driving test – smiles all round!

SYD is a very rewarding process, teaching youngsters good road sense before they get onto the road so they can be safe. It is a great feeling knowing that we have helped develop a skill for life for a young person.

Diane Western
Diane Western Dukes of Swindon
Qualified: January 2005
Driving School: Dukes of Swindon
Car: Hyundai i20

I like watching pupils develop from start to finish, and the sense of satisfaction for me and joy for them. Having a pupil with learning difficulties, desperate to get a licence, pass is one of my best moments.

SYD is important as it gets across the message of safe driving, and the dangers of the road, all within a safe environment. It’s also a lot of fun for the young drivers and instructors alike, hopefully resulting in a safer future for all on the roads.

Sarah Pritchard
Sarah Pritchard Pass With Pritchard
Qualified: December 2005
Driving School: Pass With Pritchard
Car: Hyundai i10

The best thing about teaching people to drive is seeing their face when they finally pass. Remembering the nervous pupil that they were at the start and knowing that they now have an important skill which will be with them every day on the road.

I think SYD is important in the development of safe drivers – they start the process sooner, and hopefully will be more competant on the roads when they get out there with a full licence.

Barry Hunter
Barry Hunter Black Cat
Qualified: July 2000
Driving School: Black Cat School of Motoring
Car: Skoda Fabia

One thing that makes being an instructor enjoyable is the look on a pupil’s face when the examiner tells them that they’ve passed.

With SYD, it gives us the chance to get to the drivers of tomorrow, to install our skills, abilities and beliefs earlier. In doing so, we are more likely to change the driving attitudes on our roads.

Steve Boorman
Steve Boorman Drive Right
Qualified: April 2004
Driving School: Drive Right
Car: Skoda Fabia diesel

For me, being a driving instructor is about meeting people. We get all sorts of pupils in the car, but the reward is always the same - helping them achieve something that is one of the big things in life.

I think that SYD not only provides road safety training for the young drivers who take part, but it will also help to educate those around them. Just one good idea passed on from a young driver to a parent can spread the safety message.

Steve Stratford
Steve Stratford SDS Driving School
Qualified: October 2011.
Driving School: SDS Driving School
Car: Ford Focus 1.5 tdci

The best thing about being a driving instructor is knowing that when you get a pass you have changed their life for good. Second best bit is when you see your pupil driving there own car around knowing you have got them there.

SYD means we can make driving fun and let young drivers see what it’s all about, teaching them to be safer around the car and other cars.